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About Me

Hi my name is Nataliya Meyer

I'm a clothing designer at the head of Oblivion Clothing

I always knew I was going to be creating clothing. It somehow has been woven into me, just like learning to speak or how to write. I believe beauty will save the world. No matter how childish it sounds, I try to make it happen by little things that one person can do. I enjoy making unique costumes for kids and giving some of them away for free just to see their happiness or using the leftover fabric that anyone else would have thrown away, to make something beautiful. I'm obsessed with my work and I'm very lucky to have it as an addiction that is creative rather than destructive. Almost every minute of my adult life I am haunted with clothing: its creation, its fit, and its design.

I make clothing that has to be perfect. My process starts as an inspiration of something I see, hear or read. Then it evolves into images that would in some way in my mind relate to the clothing I'm making. The first thing I do is to go through my boxes of leftovers trying to think if any would fit my project. Once they are found I make a pattern of what I would like to see. I put it together and decorate it. Once it's on a dress form, I make it fit perfectly to the body of a particular person according to their body type and proportion. My goal is to make my customer happy by applying my skill and talent. I dream of making enough money to do charity work and feed my family at the same time. I wake up every day hoping that today will be that day.

I always wanted to be noticed in a crowd. Being from a poor background, there were no funds available for my great taste! So I started altering things that I had. It took lots of hard work. I always studied costumes and clothing. Lots of inspiration came from researching historical heritage of many parts of the world. Everything I see I absorb in my mind and translate it into clothing language. My style of work is very diverse, but however different the clothes may be, the quality is always the highest. I am my own toughest judge